Moon Gates – A Portal to Another World?

Maybe it’s because I watch and read too much science fiction, but to me moon gates look like portals to another world. Perhaps to a parallel universe?

In some ways I am not too far off. Moon gates originated in ancient China and are traditional elements in Chinese architecture, acting as portals between gardens, as well as between inside and outside. They were mainly seen as circular archways in walls, but now are also designed as free standing structures.

Whether in a wall or standing alone, one thing is true – moon gates welcome and invite. By their very design they encourage you to walk through and discover the mysteries that await you on the other side.

Moon Gates for Your Garden

Moon gate arbors to add mystery and intrigue to your garden, and look beautiful year-round. In the winter, bare or covered with snow, they add structure and interest to an otherwise flat landscape. In the spring, the climbing vines cover it with greenery and colorful flowers.

We love this metal moon gates, which is made from hollow steel, with a black powder coated finish, and rounded sides.

Size: 47.5W x 20D x 84H in.

If you are looking for something a bit sturdier and colourful, the moon gate below comes in two sizes (80″ wide or 92″ wide) and in eight colors – aubergine (purple), berry (blue), cloud white, kumquat (orange), leaf green, oxide, zinc (light grey) and charcoal (dark grey).

Moon gates are not only unique and striking, but they are like magnets for the adventurous soul.

Where will your moon gate lead you?