10+ Delightful Metal Cat Yard Art Finds

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Cats are cute, curious, clever, sometimes cuddly, and difficult to ignore. They are a constant source of amusement, and these captivating metal cat yard art finds reflect their adventurous nature.

Metal Cat Sculptures

Making friends with butterflies, searching the sky for birds, or having a big stretch, these metal cat sculptures are durable and delightful.

Feline fans will love this sculpture of a curious cat with a bronze-colored butterfly perched on her nose. She is staring intently at it, not quite sure what to make of this flying creature. Friend or foe?

Hand-cast in aluminum with a verdigris-style green tint, this kitty is 15″ high.

Who outsmarted whom here? The bird is perched on top of the binoculars, just out of reach of the birdwatching cat.

This aluminum sculpture is 21″ tall. The cat has a patina-like finish while the bird and binoculars are a mix of bronze and golden hues.

Having a good stretch, this kitty has his tail curled up above him as he holds a glass and metal tealight lantern.

The sculpture is crafted from recycled aluminum, with a hand-applied verdigris finish that develops a rich patina over time. Charming, and weather-resistant, this statue is 15½” wide, 15″ high, and 5″ deep.

This curious kitty peers into the sunflower birdbath, looking for birds. Instead, he discovers a beautiful butterfly perched on the side.

Handcrafted from new and reclaimed metal by artisans in Bali, this sculpture is carefully hand-painted to capture the details of this delightful sculpture, including the green eyes of the cat, the rich shading and dots on the sunflower, and the gorgeous design of the butterflies wings.


Metal Black Cat Yard Stakes

Cats will always keep you guessing, and these metal black cat yard stakes capture their playful nature and their enigmatic presence.

Hanging over the top of the garden stake, this cat is holding a solar lantern, but she looks like she also wants to swat it!

Laser-cut from black metal this cat silhouette garden stake is 42″ tall.

With rolled eyes and a mischievous grin, this cartoony kitty is willing to hold a solar lantern… for now!

With a black matte finish, this laser-cut cat silhouette garden stake is 40″ tall.

This stylish, playful pair are sitting on, and hanging off the autumn tree branches.

Handcrafted and painted from reclaimed metal this delightful duo can be purchased individually, but looks like they’d have more fun together! The hanging cat is 46″ high and the resting cat is 43″ high.

Three whimsical black cats sit among the cattails, each in a different pose. Place them together, or spread them around your yard.

Made with black matte laser-cut metal, these silhouette stakes are approximately 25″ wide, 26″ high, and 1″ deep each.

With striking yellow eyes, these black metal garden cats can be staked in the garden, attached to a wall, or even hung from a tree.

Made from quality steel with a black-textured powder coat they are extremely weather-resistant. Sold individually.

The sitting cat is 9½”wide and 14″ high, and the walking cat is 21″ wide and 10″ high.

Perfect for Halloween, but delightful year-round, this black cat and pumpkin silhouette garden stake is a cute and colorful addition to your garden.

Handcrafted from new and reclaimed metal by Balinese artisans, this sculpture is then hand-painted in black and bright orange hues.

Size: 24½ wide, 30½” high, and 3″ deep.


Cat Wind Spinner

These cool cats are on the move! Made from reclaimed metal and hand-painted these wind spinner garden stakes are sure to amuse.

This ginger-striped feline with the dark shades is taking his mouse friend for a ride on his new hot motorcycle. When the wind blows, the spokes of his bike wheels turn.

Size: 23″ long, 4¾” wide, and 56″ high.

The bronzed mouse has his eyes on the vegan cheese, while the cute black and white cat has her eyes on the mouse. As the wind blows, round and round the mouse and the cheese go.

Another eco-friendly piece made from reclaimed metal, this wind spinner is 24″ wide, 58″ high, and 4″ deep.

Clever and Curious Cat Garden Art

Cats are an endless source of entertainment and these garden stakes, sculptures and spinners capture the charming and challenging qualities of our favourite felines.

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