brown puppucinno puppy statue

Enjoy Your Cappuccino With a Puppuccino

I start each morning with my coffee, a book, and my rescue dog Noki curled up in my lap. He stays there while I do my coffee-mediation (yes, it’s a thing!), read, and journal. Occasionally Noki decides to hang out with my husband instead. On those mornings, I could use the company of a puppuccino … Read more

fox reading statue

6 Smart & Scholarly Reading Animal Statues

These reading animal statues are the perfect companion for the bibliophile, who is also an animal lover. From foxes and frogs, to feathered and fiery, these feral friends will keep you company as you curl up with your latest book. Add one or two to your garden, beside your favorite reading chair, or in your … Read more

flower garden stake

10+ Creative & Colorful Flower Garden Stakes

Flower garden stakes are like a loyal friend. Before your spring flowers show their faces, and long after your summer flowers fade, flower garden stakes will continue to stand by you, beautifying your yard year-round. They can fill in spaces in your spring-to-fall gardens, and in the winter they stand alone above the snow, adding … Read more

garden tuteurs and obelisks

7+ Stylish Garden Tuteurs & Obelisks

If you are looking for a garden structure to support your flowering plants, while adding beauty and class to your garden, these stunning garden tuteurs or obelisks fit the bill. The terms tuteur or obelisk are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. They both support climbing plants and vines, such as roses, ivy, … Read more

statue of a cat with a butterfly on his nose

10+ Delightful Metal Cat Yard Art Finds

Cats are cute, curious, clever, sometimes cuddly, and difficult to ignore. They are a constant source of amusement, and these captivating metal cat yard art finds reflect their adventurous nature. Clever and Curious Cat Garden Art Cats are an endless source of entertainment and these garden stakes, sculptures and spinners capture the charming and challenging … Read more

lotus kinetic wind sculpture

Kinetic Wind Sculptures Dance With the Wind

Kinetic wind sculptures dance with the wind. Playful and entrancing they will capture your imagination as they spin, twirl, and sway in the breeze … as though they had a life of their own. Wind sculptures bring a mesmerizing and dynamic art form to gardens and public spaces. Each kinetic sculpture is a meticulous blend … Read more

rainy day garden statues

Rainy Day Inspired Garden Art

There is something very romantic about walking in the rain, either by yourself, or with your favourite person. Rainy spring days remind me of all the charming garden statues I have stumbled across of young people, or animal friends, huddling together under their own, or a shared umbrella. They all look cosy and happy, and … Read more

labrador retriever garden statues

15 Lovable Labrador Retriever Garden Statues

Labrador retriever garden statues reflect the wonderful qualities of these beautiful dogs. Labs are friendly, playful, intelligent, trainable, and great companions. No wonder they are America’s most beloved breed of dog. Their big soulful eyes and droopy ears make them look like puppies, even when they are all grown up! With a labrador retriever by … Read more

3 metal frog sculptures - muscians

20+ Colorful & Creative Metal Frog Sculptures

I love garden art that brings a smile to my face, like these charming metal frog sculptures. Cute and playful, these metal frogs are durable as well as adorable! Whether riding a bike or skateboarding, playing an instrument or reading with Mom or Dad, or just relaxing and enjoying the day, these frog statues will … Read more

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