Rainy Day Inspired Garden Art

Rainy April days remind me of all the charming garden statues I have stumbled across of young people, or animal friends, huddling together under a shared umbrella. They all look cosy and happy, and looking at these delightful sculptures helps to chase away the...

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Moon Gates – A Portal to Another World?

Maybe it’s because I watch and read too much science fiction, but to me moon gates look like portals to another world. Perhaps to a parallel universe? In some ways I am not too far off. Moon gates originated in ancient China and are traditional elements in Chinese...

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Glass Garden Art – My Delightful Discovery

I remember the summer day I walked into a gorgeous country garden and saw beautiful colored glass balls hanging from the trees. It was revelation and a delight! Until that point it never occurred to me that glass garden art could be left outside. Now, every spring I...

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Toronto Islands’ Gardens – An Oasis in the City

On a beautiful sunny day, my very favourite place to visit in Toronto is "The Island".Just a short ferry ride from southern end of the city, a magical oasis awaits you.The Toronto Islands consist of one large island and several smaller ones. The main Island is divided...

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The Wonderful World of Metal Garden Art

As you wander through a garden, large or small, you may suddenly be faced with a strategically placed work of metal garden art. Although puzzled at first, you move closer to get a better look and are surprised to discover that those are not ducks in the pond but...

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Gardening – Hobby or Obsession?

A love of gardening tends to sneak up insidiously, like an addiction. It first starts when you have your own small balcony, deck or garden and decide pick up a few plants from the corner store for color. They brighten up your space so much you go back, buy a few more,...

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