The Zen of Weeding

The Zen of Weeding

Spring officially arrived today. In honor of the spring equinox, the sky is blue and cloudless, the birds are singing, the ground is full of life-giving water, and the remants of the melting snow are saying their last farewells. The first spring plants are poking their noses through the dirt and snow, and my perennials … Read more

Make a small garden look larger

7+ Decor Ideas to Make a Small Yard Look Bigger

You are excited, but frustrated. You finally have your own backyard. Now you have a place to turn those unrealized gardening plans into reality. But your backyard is so small. Too small. Just enough space for a patio set and a narrow garden bed beside the fence. How will you ever be able to execute … Read more

Moon gates - A portal to another world?

Moon Gates – A Portal to Another World?

Maybe it’s because I watch and read too much science fiction, but to me moon gates look like portals to another world. Perhaps to a parallel universe? In some ways I am not too far off. Moon gates originated in ancient China and are traditional elements in Chinese architecture, acting as portals between gardens, as … Read more

rainy day garden statues

Rainy Day Inspired Garden Art

There is something very romantic about walking in the rain, either by yourself, or with your favourite person. Rainy spring days remind me of all the charming garden statues I have stumbled across of young people, or animal friends, huddling together under their own, or a shared umbrella. They all look cosy and happy, and … Read more

glass garden art

Glass Garden Art – My Delightful Discovery

I remember the summer day I walked into a gorgeous country garden and saw beautiful colored glass balls hanging from the trees. It was revelation and a delight! Until that point it never occurred to me that glass garden art could be left outside. Now, every spring I hang my hand blown glass ornaments from … Read more

Wards Island Welcome sign

Toronto Islands’ Gardens – An Oasis in the City

On a beautiful sunny day, my very favourite place to visit in Toronto is “The Island”. Just a short ferry ride from southern end of the city, a magical oasis awaits you. The Toronto Islands consist of one large island and several smaller ones. The main Island is divided into three sections, each with its … Read more

Gardening - Hobby or obsession

Gardening – Hobby or Obsession?

A love of gardening tends to sneak up insidiously, like an addiction. It first starts when you have your own small balcony, deck or garden and decide pick up a few plants from the corner store for color. They brighten up your space so much you go back, buy a few more, check out the … Read more