Metal Yard Art – For Year-Round Style & Color

No yard is complete without at least one work of marvelous metal yard art.

Even the most die-hard gardening purists have been seen quietly sneaking an item or even two into their backyard. Considering the variety of artists working in this field, and the selection of materials to pick from, the options are endless.

Whatever your style, you will discover at least one piece of metal art to provide year-round color and personality in your garden.

metal yard art winter

Steel is the most popular metal used to create metal garden decor because it’s affordable, adaptable, and simple to work with. It’s used for garden sculptures, decorative garden stakes, wall art, bird feederswind spinners and lanterns. It may be varnished, painted, or left in its natural state to rust.

Some artists mix rusted steel with treated metal to create pieces with a distinctive look. For a more contemporary look, rust-resistant stainless steel is used to produce impressive, architectural works.

Some of the most innovative and fanciful pieces of metal yard art I’ve seen are produced from recycled metal. Recycled metal oil tanks or drums, discarded bikes or trikes, broken tools, and nuts and bolts, all become the raw materials for the creative eco-artist. A broken rake becomes a bird, and a rusted oil drum is incarnated as a grinning dog or dancing devil.

dancing devil metal yard art
metal yard dog art
three birds metal garden art

Copper is popular for metal yard art as it is attractive, long-lasting and brings a touch of class to virtually any garden. When left to oxidize it will age beautifully to a natural green patina. Alternatively, it can be preserved using a clear coating to keep its bright, shiny look. Copper bird baths and garden stakes add elegance to any decor.

For a more traditional look add a bronze garden statue. Bronze sculptures have been around for thousands of years and have been built to pay tribute to fallen heroes, leaders, and saints. Today they include more playful subjects like children and their pets. Bronze statues remain popular because they’re classic, timeless, and can last for generations.

bronze statue of boy and cat
bronze sculpture girl with bird

Metal garden decor can add beauty, elegance or whimsy to any garden. Whatever your style, classic, modern or simply playful, metal garden art will warm your heart on even the coldest winter

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