Sculptures in the Wild: The Simpsons Garden Art

As I wander through my day, I am always delighted when I stumble upon some outdoor art.

A few years ago my husband and I were driving through Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, when we came upon this wonderful The Simpsons collage on someone’s front lawn! Over 40 full-size cutouts of Homer, Marge, Bart, Liza and a whole ensemble of supporting characters including Mr. Burns and Krusty the Clown. There were at least two versions of Homer, Marge and Lisa, and maybe another Bart in the crowd, although I did not see him. It was unexpected, and so much fun!

Of course, with big grins on our face, we stopped and got out to take a closer look. Yes, we are The Simpsons fans. We watched the show for years when our kids were growing up. But even non-Simpsons fans would find this lawn full of colorful and crazy characters a joy to behold!

The Simpsons garden art - Home and Marge

I cannot even imagine how much time, energy and money this labor of love took to create, but it is certainly appreciated by the weary traveler who stumbles upon it.

They must get a lot of people stopping to get a closer look and take pictures, because near Bart was a big red heart and a $DOHnations box! We made a donation and continued on our way, smiling as we went.

Yes, art is better shared. And discovering these hidden or not so hidden gems always makes the day a lot brighter.

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