Toronto Islands’ Gardens – An Oasis in the City

On a beautiful sunny day, my very favourite place to visit in Toronto is “The Island”.

Just a short ferry ride from southern end of the city, a magical oasis awaits you.

The Toronto Islands consist of one large island and several smaller ones. The main Island is divided into three sections, each with its own charm: Ward’s Island on the far east, Centre Island in the middle, and Hanlan’s point on the west. Three different ferries will take you to the destination of your choice.

In my case, there is only one destination – Ward’s Island. Ward’s Island, and the smaller Algonquin Island (separated by a small wooden bridge) are where the inhabitants of the Islands live. Live in colorful, charming homes, with stunning gardens and colorful, eclectic, garden art. It is a gardener’s paradise. To understand why there are so many fabulous and eclectic gardens in this small area a history lesson is in order. With the very real fear of the loss of their homes looming over their heads for 40 years, Islander’s spent their time and money on their gardens, rather than their homes. With the granting of 99 year leases on their properties in 1993, this threat was removed, but the wonderful gardens continued to grow and thrive.

The pictures below are of my enchanted Island.

Do you have a favorite garden that beckons you?

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