Rainy Day Inspired Garden Art

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There is something very romantic about walking in the rain, either by yourself, or with your favourite person. Rainy spring days remind me of all the charming garden statues I have stumbled across of young people, or animal friends, huddling together under their own, or a shared umbrella.

They all look cosy and happy, and looking at these delightful sculptures helps to chase away the greyness of a wet and gloomy day.

Smiling as she walks barefoot through the garden, her umbrella shielding her from rain, this charming girl statue is sure to delight you and your guests. Standing over five-feet tall, this bronze statue is cast in the traditional lost wax method, and expertly finished with a hand-applied, antiqued emerald verde bronze patina accented by an classic sepia patina to bring out the amazing detail. It is piped under the umbrella so you may optionally cascade flowing water into your pond or fountain.

The adorable young girl with wavy hair and a wind-blown dress, hugs her umbrella tight as she shelters from the rain.  This garden statue is made from designer resin, and has a beautiful antique stone finish.

Size: 10.5″W x 8″D x 18″H

Holding onto his lily pad umbrella, while playful friend waits his turn, this frog charmer looks like he is singing in the rain! This bronze garden sculpture will make a delightful additon to your pond, fountain or flowerbed. When hooked up to the optional pump, this statue will also spout water!

This heirloom quality statue is cast using the lost wax method, and hand finished in a classic sepia and emerald verde bronze patina.

Size: 10½”Wx6″Dx20″H.  Weight: 16 lbs

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These adorable frog friends, are dressed up in the favorite rain gear. In coordinating coats in pink and blue pastels, with matching umbrellas, and blue rain boots, they are ready to tackle whatever the weather brings.

Made from metal, with weather-proof paint, these charming sculptures are over two feet tall and would look perfect in both the garden, and in a young child’s room.

Size: 10″L x 7¾”W x 29½”H

frog lovers under umbrella statue

This adorable frog couple are cuddling up on a bench, under their umbrella.

Made from a durable polyresin, with an antique bronze finish, this frog statue will make a charming addition to any garden.

Size: 8” x 14.5” x 6.25”.

golden girl with bird under umbrella

This young girl with the wind-swept hair and a bird friend resting on her hand, has a big smile on her face. She is sitting on a bench under a matching golden umbrella. This gold-colored statue is like a ray of sunshine poking through on a cloudy, rainy day.

Size: 6.5 x 6.8 x 17.5 inches

Rainy day getting you down? Perhaps one of these charming sculptures will bring a smile to your face and help drive the grey skys away.