Glass Garden Art – My Delightful Discovery

kitras art tree of enchantment glass balls on pergola
I remember the summer day I walked into a gorgeous country garden and saw beautiful colored glass balls hanging from the trees. It was revelation and a delight! Until that point it never occurred to me that glass garden art could be left outside. Now, every spring I hang my hand blown glass ornaments from my pergola, where they stay until late fall.

The colors of this beautiful glass art are even more striking when the sunlight shines through. The final touch is my stunning blue glass oil lamp which perfectly compliments the three red and blue hanging ornaments.

Kitras Art Glass

My favorite glass ornaments and oil lamps are made by Kitras Art Glass. Each hand blown piece is unique, and the colors are mesmerizing.

I have several Kitras Tree of Enchantment oil lamps at home, including the the trees of winter and autumn.

The Tree of Winter sits in the center of my patio table, complemented on each site by two tealight holders in the same gorgeous shade of blue. The oil lamp is surprisingly bright. Much brighter than candles. And on a still night the flame from the oil lamp stands tall and straight, embracing us in its warm glow.

I leave my oil lamp out day and night, except when it rains, because if water seeps into the lamp, it dilutes the oil making it difficult to light.

Kitras Glass Tree of Winter oil lamp
Tree of Winter Oil Lamp – 6″

tree of winter 6" oil lamp

Kitras Art Glass comes in several different designs. In addition to the glass balls in several sizes from 2″ to 10″, they also create hearts, starfish and angels. They can be hung inside near a window to catch the light, or outside on a tree, and they make beautiful, unique gifts!

Kitras Glass multi-color heart
Multi-Color Heart – 3″


Kitras Glass 2" glass ball
Glass Friendship Ball – 2″
glass friendship ball 2"

Kitras Glass blue green starfish
Blue-Green Starfish – 6″


Kitras Art Glass’s most popular products are their 6″ glass ornaments, also known as glass orbs, friendship balls or fairy balls. Their Tree of Enchantment line is their signature creation. “Like trees in a forest, no two are alike.” 

Kitras Glass 6" fair orb

Fairy Orb – 6″

Kitras Glass friendship ball 6"

Birthday Glass Ball  – 6″bfa

Kitras Glass 6" spirit ball
Glass Spirit Ball – 6″

Glass Garden Decor

When you think of glass garden decor, glass statues are not the first things that comes to mind. But these cute and colorful glass bird statues and garden stakes, might change your mind.

Each bird has a study metal frame with a iridescent glass body that reflects the sun, and a weather-resistant finish so you can leave them out year-round. The standing birds are approximately 7″ long, 4″ wide and 12″ tall. The garden stakes are 36″ tall. 

three glass birds garden decor
Glass Birds – 3 Statues


glass bird stakes

Glass Birds – 3 Garden Stakes


Glass Birdbaths & Bird Feeders

Birdbaths and bird feeders attract songbirds to your yard. Bird watchers and novices alike will appreciate the beauty and the wonderful sounds of these featured creatures. These gorgeous glass baths and feeders stand on their own as garden ornaments, and will welcome and nourish your bird friends.

recycled glass bird bath
Recycled Glass Bird Bath


red glass humingbird feeders
Red Glass Hummingbird Feeders – Set of 3


red glass hanging bird bath
Red Glass Hanging Bird Bath


Crackle Glass Solar Lights

I love the look of crackle glass and a couple of years ago I bought a dozen crackle glass solar lights for my garden. I left a few out over the winter – the coldest I can ever remember – and they survived and continued to shine!

These color-changing crackle glass lanterns and path lights add beauty in the day and up to 10 hours of light at night from the solar powered LED lights.

crackle glass solar lanterns
Crackle Glass Solar Lanterns

crackle glass solar lights

iconCrackle Glass Solar Lights


crackle glass solar path lights
Crackle Glass Solar Lights – Set of 3


Ready to Discover the Beauty of Garden Glass?

Glass is the perfect material for garden art. In all the colors of the rainbow, it captures and reflects the sunlight, magnifying its inherent beauty. If you haven’t already, I welcome you to join me and discover the wonderful world of glass garden art.

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