Cedar Obelisk, 8′


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If you’re looking to make a statement in your garden, this skyscraping structure – nearly 8 feet tall – offers sturdy support to showcase your tallest flowering climbers and even the heaviest vining veggies and fruits. Perfect for showy ornamentals like morning glory and clematis, but strong enough to support hefty edibles like squash and melons, you can also add twine to give extra guidance for peas and beans. Designed and tested by us, and made by our manufacturing partners here in Vermont, the Cedar Obelisk is as practical as it is spectacular, creating a soaring centerpiece for your garden or a first-rate focal point for your whole yard! Made from cedar, renowned for its pest- and rot-resistance, the structure has a natural look that doesn’t take away from the spectacle of your vining plants. Over time, cedar naturally weathers to a silvery grey without degrading its strength. To protect and preserve your Cedar Obelisk, coat with eco-friendly cedar oil or our food-safe, juniper-infused waterproof wood coating.

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