Whimsical Dodo Bird Raku Pottery Sculpture


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A glance from this little guy will make you want to shake your tail feather! The Dodo Bird, a flightless bird once native to a single island in the Indian Ocean, was known for its peculiar features and fearless curiosity. Standing upright with a hearty smile and expressive eyes, the whimsical dodo is crafted of clay with eye-catching white crackle and copper-like raku glazes. Measures 11″ tall (13″ with feathers); Handmade and raku-fired in Florida. As each is a handmade creation, the feather arrangement and raku finish will vary slightly. What is Raku? … The art of modern raku pottery techniques arose from centuries-old Japanese methods of exposing ceramic clay to rapid low-fire temperature changes. Once the shaping and glazing of the bird sculpture is complete, it is fired to over 1800-degrees. While molten hot, it is placed in an airtight container with carbon-rich organic matter that bursts into a smoky smoldering atmosphere. This intense, immediate reaction creates the one-of-a-kind variation, resulting in radiant shades of burnt orange, copper, blue, and maroon. Raku is prized for its wonderful unpredictable patterns and colors created by oxidation when fired.

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Low-Fired Decorative Ceramic and Raku Pottery


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