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Wind and Weather

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Bring the serene beauty of the ocean to your garden with our wavy metal and glass garden sculpture. This piece, meticulously handcrafted by Balinese artisans, marries the elegance of recycled glass with a fusion of new and reclaimed metal to create a captivating ocean-inspired artwork.

The design showcases two parallel metal waves, evoking a sense of fluid motion and tranquility. Each wave is carefully hand-painted to achieve a bronze or copper look with an aged patina finish, complemented by spirals within that boast a similar aged bronze hue. Between these undulating waves, chips of reclaimed glass, wrapped in copper-colored wire, catch and refract sunlight, producing a mesmerizing sparkle.

Designed for durability and stability, the sculpture includes two pairs of sturdy stakes for a secure installation in your garden, ensuring it stands gracefully amidst the natural elements.

Product Details:

Theme: Metal waves garden art
Finish: Patina-like on waves; aged bronze on spirals and base
Accents: Reclaimed glass chips on copper-colored wire
Stability: Firm installation with sturdy metal stakes
Dimensions: Approximately 17″L x 6.5″W x 44″H

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Wind and Weather