Titan Tomato Self-Watering Grow Bag & Trellis


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We set out to create a self-watering grow bag and ended up with a monster of a growing machine! Designed for indeterminate tomatoes, this is hands down the easiest way to get your garden started. Grow bags are prolific producers because the permeable fabric sides promote air-pruning of roots – resulting in stronger, more vigorous plants. With our reservoir in the base of this giant grow bag, roots also stay hydrated consistently to keep plants even healthier. No more droopy leaves because you forgot to water, or because you can’t keep up with the summer heat. Less surface evaporation too, because the water wicks bottom up. The sturdy tower, from our exclusive, house-designed Titan line, keeps your plant supported and growing tall. The steel core won’t bend or buckle, while the poly coating is gentle on tender stems and flowers. Setup couldn’t be easier either. Just unroll the bag, insert the reservoir and tower, add soil, fill the water reservoir, and plant it up! Full instructions included.

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