Saint Francis Sculptural Fountain

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Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the Saint Francis Sculptural Fountain, a captivating garden centerpiece that brings tranquility to your outdoor space. Celebrated as the world’s most cherished saint, Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) is the guiding spirit of this enchanting fountain. Accompanied by a dove, doe, and a squirrel this fountain depicts a harmonious scene where animals gather to enjoy the life-giving waters flowing from a bountiful urn into a peaceful pool below.

Masterfully sculpted by the renowned Italian artist Carlo Bronti, this Design Toscano-exclusive piece is a testament to his skill and dedication to artistry. Born in 1951 in a quaint village in Northern Tuscany, Bronti’s journey as a self-taught sculptor began in a marble workshop, where he refined his craft to become a master sculptor. His works, often inspired by his deep-rooted faith, family, and the classical art of his homeland, resonate with a profound sense of spirituality and beauty.

This exquisite garden fountain is cast in high-quality designer resin with an antique-stone finish, ensuring durability and a timeless appeal. It’s not just a religious statue but a functional piece of art, featuring an integrated pump suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • 19.5″W x 15″D x 40″H
  • 52 lbs

Bronti’s passion for life’s simple pleasures is reflected in the heartfelt details of this fountain. Let the Saint Francis Sculptural Fountain be a source of inspiration and tranquility in your garden, a place where nature, art, and spirituality converge.

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