Monticello Greenhouse Powered Ventilation System


Use Solar to Power Your Greenhouse Ventilation

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The Monticello Solar Powered Ventilation System is designed to control the temperature in your greenhouse during the hot and cooler months. Most plants will not flower and fruit at temperatures over 85 degrees. To get them to flower temperature control is key. Our commercial fan, exhaust louvers, and commercial thermostat are all made in the USA and our solar panel can product more than 2 times the needed power to operate the fan at 100%, allowing for future options such as lighting and heating. This solar system allows for off the grid operation, getting power to your greenhouse where you need it. It is easily retrofitted to other non-Monticello greenhouses as well. The system canalso easily be set-up to run through a deep-cycle marine battery to allow for power on demand, with or without the suns power.

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