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Ready to give our Jardin Arches a turn? The innovative new Jardin Meandering Arch design will put your garden entrance ahead of the curve, with cleverly asymmetric sections that create a curving effect when connected. Perfect for guiding garden visitors around a corner or simply creating an unforgettable passageway, these unique and dramatic curving arches will set your garden apart! Combine 3 Meandering Arches with our original Jardin Arch to create a nearly 90-degree curve. While the effect of these arches is eye-catching on its own, they are simply stunning when grown in with flowering vines like honeysuckle, clematis, or star jasmine. Brought to life by deep green foliage and fragrant flowers, the curving tunnel becomes a transcendent sensory experience, transporting visitors much further than “around a corner”. Made from sturdy powder-coated steel, these arches are durable enough for years of all-season use. Truly a showpiece for a next-level garden!

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