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The Divine Heartbreak Angel Statue, created by the gifted artist Evelyn Myers Hartley, is a poignant and beautifully crafted representation of grief and healing. This larger version of the statue offers a more prominent display of the heartfelt emotions encapsulated in Hartley’s work, making it a powerful addition to any space.

A Personal Journey Transformed into Art

Evelyn Myers Hartley’s personal experience of loss is profoundly embodied in this weeping angel statue. The angel, enveloped in the wings of despair, weeps to acknowledge the depth of tragedy and the intense feelings of loss. This piece is not merely a sculpture; it’s a heartfelt expression of empathy and understanding for those who have experienced similar heartbreak.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Detail

Every element of this statue, from the delicately sculpted feathers to the angel’s graceful curves, is cast in quality designer resin with an antique stone finish. The attention to detail in this larger statue is meticulous, highlighting the angel’s poignant expression and the overall sense of sorrow and remembrance.

About the Artist: Evelyn Myers Hartley

Evelyn Myers Hartley, born in 1960, is an artist who finds inspiration in the work of French sculptor Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Her talent lies in capturing the human form in unique and emotionally resonant poses, particularly in her sculptures of angels and fairies. Hartley’s work is celebrated for its emotional depth and artistic precision.

A Meaningful Presence in Any Setting

Whether placed as a remembrance in a flower garden or as a standout piece among collectibles on a credenza, this cherub statue speaks to the heart’s cry more powerfully than words. It serves as a treasured gift of healing and a significant symbol of the journey through grief.

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions: 26″W x 9″D x 11.5″H
Weight: 7 lbs

The Divine Heartbreak Angel Statue is a tangible expression of the pain of loss and the path to healing. It’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking a piece that deeply resonates with the experiences of sorrow and the process of finding comfort and solace.

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