Diamond Bird Feeder Obelisk


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This feeder and obelisk combo does double duty, providing treats for birds and a trellis for bird-attracting vines. Made from beautiful and durable acacia wood and powder-coated steel, this multi-functional structure adds an attractive focal point for your yard or garden, and creates a welcoming hub for birds. The diamond shape is architectural and attractive, but also functional, allowing birds a sheltered roost out of harsh weather, and a secure spot for feeding. The birdseed holder fits 4 cups of birdseed at a time, with metal-mesh openings perfectly sized for petite beaks, and filling the rectangular tray protected by the roof, so birds can feed from all sides. The peak of the powder-coated cover slides open for easy refilling. The elegant and enduring acacia wood trellis supports climbing plants like honeysuckle and scarlet runner bean that can attract even more birds by providing cover and additional food options. Includes 4 stakes for securing into the ground. This versatile, eye-catching feeder and obelisk will transform your yard into a bird-beckoning paradise – so get your binoculars ready!

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