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Add a burst of color and motion to your garden with the colorful Gala 4 Blade Solar Wind Spinner. This stunning garden accessory captivates with its vibrant hues and dynamic design, creating a mesmerizing display that will enchant all who see it. The four independent rotors spin effortlessly, bringing your garden to life with a dazzling dance of colors.

Our exclusive, patent-pending design features integrated solar panels, seamlessly blending functionality with beauty. These panels harness sunlight during the day to power 24 LED lights that glow brilliantly at night. Enjoy an eco-friendly, energy-efficient light show that adds a touch of magic to your outdoor space.

Standing at an impressive 7 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter, this solar wind spinner is a commanding presence in any landscape. Its multicolor, antiqued finish in shades of blue, green, yellow, and purple adds whimsy and elegance. Crafted with a heavy-duty sectional metal pole and a pronged in-ground base, this spinner is built to last and withstand the elements.

Experience continuous motion with four bi-directional rotors that spin independently, creating a captivating display from every angle. As night falls, the 24 LED lights illuminate the spinner, offering a spectacular show that delights day and night.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Diameter: 24 inches
  • Depth: 20¾ inches
  • Height: 84 inches (7 feet)
  • Weight: 15¾ lbs

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