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Discover the irresistible charm of the Black & Brown Basset Puppy Dog Statue, a delightful representation of one of the most endearing dog breeds. Crafted with passion and precision in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, this statue is a product of the renowned Castagna workshop’s dedication to breed authenticity. The statue beautifully captures the distinctive features of a Basset puppy, from its droopy ears to its soulful eyes, each aspect is rendered with stunning realism.

The “living” eyes of the sculpture seem to gaze with the gentle, loving expression characteristic of the breed. This piece is meticulously hand-painted on quality designer resin, ensuring durability and a lifelike appearance.

The Black & Brown Basset Puppy Dog Statue is more than just a figurine; it’s a tribute to the breed’s unique charm and a must-have for any dog lover or collector. It’s an exquisite gift choice for those who admire the laid-back and affectionate nature of Basset Hounds.

Weight & Dimensions:
9.5″Wx7″Dx7.5″H. 3 lbs.

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Design Toscano


Design Toscano