Birdies Corten Steel Tiered Round Raised Bed Kit


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This delightfully distinctive double-tiered planting alternative is the perfect centerpiece for your garden – and a definite conversation piece for any garden visitors! An incredible showcase for your gardening creativity, the added height and depth of this planter opens up endless options for your green thumb to shine. Combine flamboyant flowers with delectable edibles, add movement with swaying decorative grasses, or double down on the height by adding a trellis and skyward-climbing flowering vines. Whether you go practical or dramatic, this is a one-of-a-kind piece for your garden. The base tier is 63″ in diameter and 7.9″ tall, and the upper tier is 39″ in diameter and 12″ tall. The unique look of Corten steel is actually a protective patina of rust that shields the base metal from further corrosion. Your raised bed will arrive in its natural grey steel state, and in 1-3 months will naturally develop the characteristic rusted look. And, while the base material is safely preserved, the weathering patterns on the outer layers continue to evolve year after year, creating another ever-changing element in your garden. (If you’re feeling impatient for nature to take its course, try our easy-aging recipe to achieve your perfect patina in one afternoon.) What Makes Birdies Beds Better? Birdies is Australia’s leading raised bed manufacturer – and for good reason. Birdies raised beds are a perfect combination of Quality, Durability, Versatility, Safety, Sustainability, and Style. Read more about Birdies raised beds.

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