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The desktop Angel of Grief Monument Statue is a beautifully detailed piece that captures the essence of Victorian angelic art. This exclusive, designer resin statue is inspired by the poignant monument created by American poet and sculptor William Wetmore Story as a tribute to his wife, Emelyn. It’s a meaningful addition to any space, offering a reminder of love, loss, and the celebration of life.

Exquisite Detail and Victorian Elegance

Every aspect of this statue, from the angel’s delicate wings and arms to the tendrils at the nape of her neck, showcases the remarkable attention to detail. The intricate design and Victorian elegance make this desktop statue a captivating piece, reflecting the deep emotions and artistic skill of its inspiration.

Inspirational Inscription and Historical Significance

The statue features a raised lettered message that inspires reflection and remembrance. The inscription reads: “The bud was spread to show the rose our Saviour smiled the bud was closed. Anon.” This poignant message adds depth to the statue, making it not just a decorative item but a piece rich in emotional and historical significance.

About the Artist: William Wetmore Story

William Wetmore Story (1819-1895) was an American sculptor and poet, known for his contributions to both the legal field and the arts. His works, including the original Angel of Grief, reflect his talent in sculpture and his deep personal connections. Story’s art is celebrated for its emotional depth and artistic beauty.

Perfect for Personal Reflection or as a Gift

This desktop statue is ideal for personal reflection or as a thoughtful gift. Its size makes it suitable for various spaces, including offices, study areas, or personal altars.

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions: 3.5″W x 7.5″D x 7.5″H
Weight: 2 lbs

The Angel of Grief Desktop Monument Statue is a symbol of love, loss, and the enduring human spirit. It’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking a meaningful and artistic expression of the emotions that touch us all.

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