Copper and Verdigris Tulip Misting Wind Spinner


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Harness the power of Mother Nature with this Copper and Verdigris Tulip Misting Wind Spinner that comes alive with each passing breeze. The inner helix spins in the wind while water sprays out of the tubes, delivering a graceful cascade of refreshment to your lawn. It’s impossible not to delight in its intricate beauty. You can enjoy the spinner year-round with or without the hydro feature, as the inner helix moves even when the water supply is turned off. The grandiose sculpture is the perfect accent for your space, and is made of powder-coated metal with a weather- and rust-resistant finish to prevent fading caused by the elements. Easily place the stake anywhere in your garden thanks to its four-pronged sturdy base. Connect a hose to the spinner’s hydro valve and turn on to enjoy a beautiful show. The water spray can reach up to 32 feet in diameter.

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