7+ Stylish Garden Tuteurs & Obelisks

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If you are looking for a garden structure to support your flowering plants, while adding beauty and class to your garden, these stunning garden tuteurs or obelisks fit the bill.

The terms tuteur or obelisk are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. They both support climbing plants and vines, such as roses, ivy, or clematis and add architectural interest to your outdoor space.

A tuteur typically has a pyramid or cone shape with a broad base that tapers to a point at the top. It can have three or four sides.

wood tuteur
metal obelisk

An obelisk, on the other hand, is four-sided, more columnar, often with a square or rectangular base and a pointed top, resembling the classic Egyptian obelisks.

Whether you are looking for support for your plants or a focal point for your garden, these sleek structures will add a touch of elegance.

Elegant Garden Tuteurs

Functional and stylish these Akoris Garden Tuteurs are made from steel with stainless steel cables.

Ranging in height from 58″ to 73″, these striking structures come in eight finishes, including oxidized steel rebar or powder-coated steel in aubergine (dark purple/eggplant), cloud white, kumquat (orange), zinc (grey), charcoal (dark grey), azul (blue), and fern (green).

Elegant enough to stand independently as architectural structures in your garden, their simple and sturdy design will help train and support climbing plants.

Weather and rust proof these gorgeous garden additions can be left out year round.

A grey metal sphere finishes the top of this contemporary and elegant tuteur. It is stylish enough to stand alone as a work of art year-round or train plants to climb up it, for added color and texture.

Size: 24″ L x 24″ W x 73″ H

The bee bungalow which sits atop this tuteur will attract these pollinators to your yard. Made with hand-cut natural lake bed reeds and drilled-out branches it has a variety of openings to make it easy for the bees to find their “home.”

Size: 18″ square x 58″ H

Made from oxidized steel this sculptural bird bungalow has a natural, rustic look. Welcoming to your feathered friends, this bird house opens at the back to clean out discarded nests.

Size: 24″ square x 69″ H

The bird cafe feeder, sitting atop this Akoris tuteur, has a natural steel oxide finish. This contemporary duo offers a perfect habitat for birds and a thriving environment for plants.

Size: 24″ square x 72″ H

Metal Garden Obelisk

Made from powder-coated steel, in a classic design, this seven-foot obelisk trellis will provide support and room for your flowering plants to grow and blossom, without distracting from their beauty. The horizontal supports are round, which gives more room for climbing plants and gives the obelisk a softer look.

Size: 15-1/2″ in diameter x 84″ H

The Essex Square Obelisk is a blend of elegance and boldness. This towering trellis is not just a support for your climbing plants but a striking statement piece. Its durable, all-season steel tubing, coated in a textured matte black finish, provides the perfect grip for flowering climbers like roses, clematis, and passionflower vines. As these plants weave their way up, the obelisk transforms into a living monument of blooms and tendrils.

Available in two sizes: 5′ and 7′ high

Acacia Wood and Cedar Obelisks

The diamond bird feeder obelisk is a masterful blend of functionality and style. Crafted from durable acacia wood and powder-coated steel, it not only supports climbing plants but has a generous 4-cup capacity for birdseed. Its architectural diamond shape provides a cozy shelter for birds, while the slide-open peak ensures easy refilling.

Size: 15.5″ square at base x 70″ H

At nearly 8 feet tall this cedar obelisk is perfect for both ornamental and edible climbers. Perfect for delicate morning glories and clematis it is strong enough to support weighty squash and melons.

Crafted from durable cedar, known for its pest and rot resistance, this obelisk naturally ages to a graceful silvery grey, maintaining its strength over time.

Which of these elegant structures beckons you?

A simple tutuer for your flowering vines, or do you want to attract your flying friends with food and shelter? Native climbing vines with berries will continue to nourish them year-round.

For more climbing structures, check out our selection of arbors and trellises.

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