Rainy Day Inspired Garden Art

Rainy Day Inspired Garden Art

Rainy April days remind me of all the charming garden statues I have stumbled across of young people, or animal friends, huddling together under a shared umbrella.

They all look cosy and happy, and looking at these delightful sculptures helps to chase away the greyness of a wet and gloomy day.

boy and girl silhouette under solar umbrella

Charming garden stake of two young girls huddled together to stay dry, under their brightly colored umbrella. The black metal silouette of the girls contrasts with the blue mesh umbrella, which is covered in colorful metal flowers with solar LED lights.

Size: 14W x 15L x 39H in.



golden girl with bird under umbrella

This young girl with the wind-swept hair and a bird friend resting on her hand, has a big smile on her face. She is sitting on a bench under a matching golden umbrella. This gold-colored statue is like a ray of sunshine poking through on a cloudy, rainy day.

Size: 6.5 x 6.8 x 17.5 inches



two frogs on bench under umbrella statue

Just hanging out and chilling until the rains passes, these two froggy pals are relaxing on the bench under their umbrella. Made from a durable blend of polyresin, stone powder, and metal, this garden statue has a dark grey-brown finish, with a hint of green, to give it a patinated look. A charming addition to any garden.

Size: 6L x 9W x 16H in.

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two bronze frogs under lilypad umbrella

Holding onto his lily pad umbrella, while playful friend waits his turn, this frog charmer looks like he is singing in the rain! This bronze garden sculpture will make a delightful additon to your pond, fountain or flowerbed. When hooked up to the optional pump, this statue will also spout water!

This heirloom quality statue is cast using the lost wax method, and hand finished in a classic speia and emerald verde bronze patina.

Size: 10½”Wx6″Dx20″H.  Weight: 16 lbs



two bunnies on bench under umbrella statue


When you are in love, who notices the rain? These bunnies, kissing  under their umbrella, certainly  don’t seem to be bothered by the weather.  Made from aluminum with a stone finish, this garden statue is made to withstand the elements.

Size: 13w x 5.5d x 16h inches



The two solar powered fountains below feature statues of a boy and girl sitting close together under an umbrella, as water drips down around them. Made from resin they are light weight, low maintenance, and durable. 

In the stone colored statue, the young couple are holding hands as the girl looks adoringly at the boyfriend, their bare feet dangling above the water. In the grey colored fountain, the young friends are reading a book together, their legs cooling off in the water below.


boy and girl fountain

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boy and girl solar fountain statue

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mother owl and baby under umbrella

These cute, wide eyed owls make me smile. Snuggled in their red and yellow raincoats, Mom gives her  child a hug as  she  holds their umbrella above  them. Perfect inside or in a covered spot outside, these resin statues are 8.25L x 6.25W x 10H in.


Moon Gates – A Portal to Another World?

Moon Gates – A Portal to Another World?

moon gate portal

Maybe it’s because I watch and read too much science fiction, but to me moon gates look like portals to another world. Perhaps to a parallel universe?

In some ways I am not too far off. Moon gates originated in ancient China and are traditional elements in Chinese architecture, acting as portals between gardens, as well as between inside and outside. They were mainly seen as circular archways in walls, but now are also designed as free standing structures.

Whether in a wall or standing alone, one thing is true – moon gates welcome and invite. By their very design they encourage you to walk through and discover the mysteries that await you on the other side.

Moon Gates for Your Garden

Interested in adding a moon gate to your garden? Below are our favorite moon gate arbors to add mystery and intrigue to your garden. And maybe even a portal to another world!


wood moon gate

This dark brown moon gate arbor is made from Canadian hemlock wood, with a weather resistant wood stain. The symmetrical ladder design makes a strong visual impact as well as a sturdy support for climing vines.

Size:  84W x 23D x 78H in.



moon gate trellis

Inspired by horticultural hoop houses and moon gates this stainless steel, hand-crafted arbor is very solid and durable. Line up several to create a striking tunnel walkway. This abor is available in seven colors, including a natural oxide finish.

Size: 80W x 30D x 80H in.


black metal moon gate

This iron moon gate with a delicate leaf motif, will make a romantic archway for a garden wedding or celebration. With a black powdered finsh, this arbor looks elegant on its own, or with flowers climbing up it.

Size: 85-90W x 22.8D x 78.3H in.



The two images below are of the same moon gate arbor. The first is later in the season when the flowering shrubs and potted plants have grown and filled out, and the arbor is covered by a climbing vine. The second image is a few weeks earlier, when the circular arch can be clearly seen.

This arbor is made from hollow steel, with a black powder coated finish, and rounded sides. Beautiful on its own, or covered in climbing vines, this moon gate will make a beautiful and welcoming addition to any garden. 

Size: 47.5W x 20D x 84H in.


moon gate trellis semi-circle

moon gate arch


Moon gates are not only unique and striking, but they are like magnets for the adventurous soul. 

Where will your moon garden lead you?


Glass Garden Art – My Delightful Discovery

Glass Garden Art – My Delightful Discovery

kitras art tree of enchantment glass balls on pergola

I remember the summer day I walked into a gorgeous country garden and saw beautiful colored glass balls hanging from the trees. It was revelation and a delight! Until that point it never occurred to me that glass garden art could be left outside. Now, every spring I hang my hand blown glass ornaments from my pergola, where they stay until late fall. 

The colors of this beautiful glass art are even more striking when the sunlight shines through. The final touch is my stunning blue glass oil lamp which perfectly compliments the three red and blue hanging ornaments.

Kitras Art Glass

My favorite glass ornaments and oil lamps are made by Kitras Art Glass. Each hand blown piece is unique, and the colors are mesmerizing.

I have several Kitras Tree of Enchantment oil lamps at home, including the the trees of winter and autumn.

The Tree of Winter sits in the center of my patio table, complemented on each site by two tealight holders in the same gorgeous shade of blue. The oil lamp is surprisingly bright. Much brighter than candles. And on a still night the flame from the oil lamp stands tall and straight, embracing us in its warm glow.

I leave my oil lamp out day and night, except when it rains, because if water seeps into the lamp, it dilutes the oil making it difficult to light. 

Kitras Glass Tree of Winter oil lamp
Tree of Winter Oil Lamp – 6″

tree of winter 6" oil lamp


Kitras Art Glass comes in several different designs. In addition to the glass balls in several sizes from 2″ to 10″, they also create hearts, starfish and angels. They can be hung inside near a window to catch the light, or outside on a tree, and they make beautiful, unique gifts! 

Kitras Glass multi-color heart
Multi-Color Heart – 3″


Kitras Glass 2" glass ball
Glass Friendship Ball – 2″
glass friendship ball 2"


Kitras Glass blue green starfish
Blue-Green Starfish – 6″


Kitras Art Glass’s most popular products are their 6″ glass ornaments, also known as glass orbs, friendship balls or fairy balls. Their Tree of Enchantment line is their signature creation. “Like trees in a forest, no two are alike.” 

Kitras Glass 6" fair orb

Fairy Orb – 6″

Kitras Glass friendship ball 6"

Birthday Glass Ball  – 6″bfa


Kitras Glass 6" spirit ball
Glass Spirit Ball – 6″


Glass Garden Decor

When you think of glass garden decor, glass statues are not the first things that comes to mind. But these cute and colorful glass bird statues and garden stakes, might change your mind. 

Each bird has a study metal frame with a iridescent glass body that reflects the sun, and a weather-resistant finish so you can leave them out year-round. The standing birds are approximately 7″ long, 4″ wide and 12″ tall. The garden stakes are 36″ tall. 


glass birds garden decor set of 3
Glass Birds – 3 Statues


multi-color glass birds on 36" stakes - garden decor
Glass Birds – 3 Garden Stakes


Glass Birdbaths & Bird Feeders

Birdbaths and bird feeders attract songbirds to your yard. Bird watchers and novices alike will appreciate the beauty and the wonderful sounds of these featured creatures. These gorgeous glass baths and feeders stand on their own as garden ornaments, and will welcome and nourish your bird friends.


recycled glass bird bath
Recycled Glass Bird Bath


red glass humingbird feeders
Red Glass Hummingbird Feeders – Set of 3


red crackle glass hanging bird bath
Red Glass Hanging Bird Bath

Crackle Glass Solar Lights

I love the look of crackle glass and a couple of years ago I bought a dozen crackle glass solar lights for my garden. I left a few out over the winter – the coldest I can ever remember – and they survived and continued to shine!

These color-changing crackle glass lanterns and path lights add beauty in the day and up to 10 hours of light at night from the solar powered LED lights.

crackle glass solar lanterns
Crackle Glass Solar Lanterns


crackle glass solar path light iconCrackle Glass Solar Lights


crackle glass solar path lights
Crackle Glass Solar Lights – Set of 3


Ready to Discover the Beauty of Garden Glass?

Glass is the perfect material for garden art. In all the colors of the rainbow, it captures and reflects the sunlight, magnifying its inherent beauty. If you haven’t already, I welcome you to join me and discover the wonderful world of glass garden art. 

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